Lego-like electronic components

Looking for a new hobby? Enjoyed playing with Lego when you were little?

The Google Reader sign-in page can be addictive: the poplar blog posts that appear there are often funny and interesting. Like this one yesterday: Introducing the Illuminato X Machina.

Apparently Liquidware is a company/organisation that manufactures electronic components in an open source spirit. You have all kinds of components that you can plug together and that are programmable with the available C++ IDE for Windows or Mac.

Their latest product is the Illuminato X Machina from the blog post above, which is basically a small motherboard with a 72 MHz CPU, storage and interfaces and which can be attached to other cells to increase computation power.

A early funny (geeky) example of the possibilities:

You can order any component separately or in starter kits from the Liquidware shop. I believe Christmas is on it’s way!



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