Disable SAP GUI sound

If you’ve ever worked with SAP, the chances are you have been “amazed” by its GUI more than once.

Besides a usability experience dating back from the first half of the previous century, the default sounds on every interaction with the GUI can be very anoying (at a minimum).

How to disable it:

  • Fire up the GUI and sign in.
  • On the main toolbar, click the last icon (Adjust local layout – what did you expect).
  • In the dropdown menu, select the second option (Configure New Visual Design… – of course).
  • Select Sound – Off.

Once again, it proved you should really stay away from the alcohol. Looking for something like “Settings” under de main “System” menu… you s*****.

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2 Responses to “Disable SAP GUI sound”

  1. Gravatar of Filip Forrez Filip Forrez
    15. March 2010 at 11:24

    Many thanks for your interesting post!
    While web-developers as us are trying to make simple and user-friendly applications, SAP doesn’t seem to understand the importance of this…

  2. Gravatar of Maarten Tibau Maarten Tibau
    15. March 2010 at 11:28

    You have to see to logic in all this, the SAP logic I mean.

    I have to agree that it’s the most unlogicly build application I ever worked with. But as they say, with SAP you can do everything! Maybe so, but “how” you can actually do everything with it is mostly a mistery :D

    Anyhow, very nice tut! See you around.

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