Eclipse can’t create project from existing source

When creating a new project in eclipse and you select Create project at existing location (from existing source), you might get

Cannot create project content in workspace

all the time.

You can try to solve this by creating the project somewhere else and dragging the content into that new directory.
But what causes this error is that you put your projects’ source(s) in the directory where your workspace is located.

The recommended approach to avoid this error: name your workspaces something like “Projects” and/or “Accounts”. Not a full path name. This way they get created in your eclipse folder and contain only the .metadata directory.
After that, just place your source(s) somewhere else and add/create them like you intended to do in your preferred workspace.

As a summary: a workspace should just be a name (to which eclipse links some configuration information). Not a physical location (path).



2 Responses to “Eclipse can’t create project from existing source”

  1. Gravatar of Ronit Mukherjee Ronit Mukherjee
    29. January 2014 at 09:08

    Thanx a lot for the help

  2. Gravatar of Keenan Keenan
    18. February 2014 at 17:54

    I just had a similar issue and I thought I’d share for others to know. I solved the ‘Cannot create project content in workspace’ by selecting File | Import in Eclipse. I was able to get my existing code loaded up in Eclipse and able to see my changes refreshed in my browser. File | Import is much easier.


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